This Week Recap #14: I Will Do Better Next Week, Said Me Always

September 24, 2017


This week is a perfect example of a week when I was crying because how I thought I was being unproductive, then I realized that it actually wasn't this bad as I continued to write this recap. 


It's truly a pleasant surprise ( silent grateful sob). 


I know I didn't post at all this week (and I'm so sorry about that). But I had 5 tests this week. 3 of them were on the same day. Everything was on the line, and I was studying like crazy, so I really didn't have the time. But it paid off.


When I saw my Chemistry test, I wanted to incinerate it with a flamethrower. I got a F (seriously). And not because I didn't study or didn't do well, but because I did an absolutely stupid mistake and didn't finish half the test before it was over (long story). Thankfully, Mr. Dezieck, my Chemistry teacher is an absolute saint and gave me a second chance. Not before taking off 4.5 points though. 


However, I still had A- average. 



For my math test, I got 88 %. The rest, I haven't gotten it back yet. So please, don't judge if my post number for this week is pathetic 😭


This Week on the Blog: 

Blog Tour: A Veil of Shadows by Michael W. Garza!

Blog Tour: Life Long by Ronald L. Ruiz + Giveaway



Books I Read This Week: 










Book Haul, Library: 


















New Things That I Have Been Obsessed with Recently: 

  • Stranger Things

  • Going to the Gym 

  • American Horror Story 

See anything you recognize? Let me know in the comments!



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