This Week Recap #10: This is a Lazy Week

August 27, 2017


Me working on this weekly post and looking at the things I've done this week: 



Holy crap this is not a progressive week.


I've so preoccupied and obsessed with watching Assassins' Creed videos that I suddenly didn't feel like reading this week, and completely put it on hold.

I only read one book, and only finished a few posts. And I completely forgot about Book Boyfriend Friday. 


I will need to get back on track next week, and hopefully the next weekly recap would not be as horrifying as this one. 



This Week on the Blog:

How to Enjoy Rainy Days as a Reader The Step-by-Step Ultimate Guide

Series Review: Falling Kingdoms Series by Morgan Rhodes

Blogger Recognition Award 🏆

Top Ten Tuesday #2: 10 Books I Think Should Be Required Reading



Coming Up Next Week:


Top 10 Ten Hidden Gem Books in Fantasy

5 Ways To Have Book Related Insomnia Part 2

Book Review: Click. Date. Repeat. by K.J. Farnham



Around the Blogsphere: 


Evelina @ Avalinah's Books wrote a very interesting review on a very unique book

Tanya @ Girl Plus Books wrote some excellent short reviews on assassin books





Books I Read This Week: 

















5 Tips for Book Lovers (and Bloggers): 

This week (dedicated to my laziness), is special. So instead of 5 hilarious book memes of the week, we have 5 tips for book lovers that I learned from my very own experiences:

  1. Don't read books before you go to bed. Because one does not simply go to sleep before finishing the entire bloody series. 

  2. If you're using a kindle, always make sure you are finishing off your book in a place with internet, or else you'll have to suffer the painful experience of being unable to continue the series

  3. Pre-schedule your posts. Because you would die really painfully if you don't and end up with a very not progressive week (like me)

  4. Pre-make your reading playlists. Or else you will spend half the precious reading time on choosing the right songs


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