Top Ten Tuesday #2: 10 Books I Think Should Be Required Reading

August 22, 2017


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted and created by The Book and The Bookish. 


This week's topic: Back To School Freebie


Books can teach people a lot. And reading is probably one of the few things that legitimately does not have any down sides. A lot of us wasn't born to love reading, it usually is one good book that got us in. So I think instead of being so obsessed and focused on forcing students to read 'healthy, real, and useful' books, some meaningful fun books (that can also teach a lot) would not only let students think, but get them to enjoy reading and fall in love with it in general. So the list below are 10 books I think should be required reading. The majority of the list below would be targeted toward young adults. 


Required Readings










Introduction to Dystopian, Science Fiction 










Introduction to Fantasy











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