Amazing Websites That Would Help You "Hack" Your Reading and Writing Life

March 30, 2017





This site helps you to find your next read. All you need to do is to type in the book you just finished reading, and it would help you find the next for you. 





This site allows you to either write or read your own adventure. If you click 'Read' you can read for free stories written by others online, and if you click 'write' you can just simply go ahead and write your own adventure!



Project Alexandria
























Project Alexandria is a site that helps you to find books similar to the book of your choosing. This site is great when you finished a book or series but still craves something similar to it.



Electric Lit


Similar to Dendrite, is a reading and writing friendly websites. But it has slightly more features in writings, as you can read for free writings such as essay, short stories and even books. Either way, a great and useful website.  

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