Most Attractive Female Heroines in YA and NA

Because I'm a little bit boy crazy, I've dedicated this blog many times for the amazing heroes in YA and NA, but I rarely commented on females. Almost all female characters in YA and NA have at least above average appearance, but in the list below I'm including books where the females actually have legit stunning beauty, and their appearances have been emphasized and noted by many throughout the book.

1. Lucia Damora, Falling Kingdoms

Lucia. She is one of, if not the most beautiful female character I've ever seen (or read). And the fan art captured her beauty perfectly (shout out to you, whoever you are. You're amazing). Her beauty got almost all the guys she came across in the book to fall for her, like Jonas, Alexius, and her even her adopted brother Magnus.

2. Cleiona Bellos, Falling Kingdoms

Yup, Falling Kingdoms again. This shouldn't be surprising because we all know how princesses in books are always beautiful, especially in high fantasy books like this. Celoina is probably the only person whose beauty is even close to going up against Lucia's. Unlike Lucia's dark beauty, with her blue eyes and golden, almost platinum blonde hair she is more of an ice queen beauty. She is also described to be even more beautiful than her elder sister, Emilia. Like Lucia, her unbelievable beauty has literally got every single guy she came across to fall for her. And just a note: this fan art is amazing, but although in certain light her hair can be platinum, her hair is more golden blonde.

3. Juliette Ferrars, Shatter Me

On this topic, this book is pretty unique for its genre. Dystopian rarely have characters whose beauty is greatly highlighted and deemed as 'beautiful'. Juliette Ferrars was described as 'hauntingly beautiful'. Her beauty cannot be denied by anyone in the book, even the main antagonist, the Supreme Commander Anderson. Due to being locked up in an asylum for three years, she was extremely oblivious to the fact in the first half of the series, and was always dismissing these remarks. Warner on her appearance and her cluelessness on her appearance stated how 'she does now know the effect she has on people'. (Such a shame she doesn't have a decent fan art. I hope other fandoms can help out.)

4. Celaena Sardothien/ Aelin Galathynius, Throne of Glass

Aelin is described as 'particularly beautiful', which is not surprising due to her Fae heritage (and being a princess). Besides from her eye catching golden blonde hair, She is most known for her eyes, which is bright turquoise with golden rings around the pupils. This eye color is iconic in the series because it's the most notable proof of her heritage, and is a distinct trait that only runs in the Galathynius line, which proves her as the rightful princess and queen of Terrasen. Like Falling Kingdoms, the Throne of Glass fandom has some of the best artists (why is it always fantasy books that get the best artist? Not that I'm complaining). My absolute favorite illustrator is Charlie Bowater, who is known for her work on Sarah J. Maas' A Court of Thorns and Roses coloring book. I discovered her work there, and I just have to say that it is just breathtaking, and I fell in love with all her work right here and there.

5. Renesmee Cullen, Twilight

Renesmee's immense beauty is not unexpected or a surprise. Born from one of the most beautiful human and a vampire, I would expect nothing less, would actually be more surprised if she's not seriously beautiful.

6. Elain Arhceron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

The Archeron sisters in the series were known for their beautiful appearance in general. Nesta, being the lion, has the sharpest features (and personality), Feyre is in the middle, and Elain is the soft 'lovely' of the three. But because of her softer features that she sometimes was deemed as the most beautiful of the three.

7. Violetta Amouteru, The Young Elites

Although Adelina is beautiful, especially with her missing eye scar covered up, because of Violetta's powers, she does not possess any mark from the fever and which obviously highlighted her absolute stunning beauty. Because of this, she is highly adored by his father as an investment, and is always sought by suitors. In a way, she reminds me of Elain.

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