Hi there! My name is Anne and I read as much as I breathe. I started The Reading Life in the beginning of 2016 so I can share my love of reading and connect with other fellow bookworms. 



The Reading Life is a blog that revolves basically around anything that has relations to book, reading, or sometimes writing. In here you can find everything from lists, book reviews, book suggestions, interviews, to articles. I specifically have a really severe obsession with hate/love relationships, so this is the blog to visit if you enjoy that too, since I post about it (a lot). 



Here is a list of facts about me for you to get to know me:

  • I'm a Sherlockian

  • I'm a Detective Conan fan, the murder mystery anime show

  • I'm a huge Studio C fan. They're a sketch comedy show on BYUtv, and I re-watch their videos every single day. They also have a YouTube channel that they're really active on: https://www.youtube.com/user/BYUTelevision

  • I'm really opened to all genres, but romance and fantasy would forever be my all-time favorite. 

  • I'm also a huge Percy Jackson Fan (anyone who knows me know this)

  • I have Kindle named Andrick, after Aldrik from The Air Awakens Series by Elise Kova

  • I LOVE ASSASSIN'S CREED (it's my favorite video game of all time)

  • My favorite characters from Assassin's Creed are Ezio and Arno (especially Arno, I love him)

    • Elise's death killed me 😢

  • If it isn't obvious enough, Arno is my video game crush 😂

  • Percy Jackson is the reason for my passion in fantasy books today

  • Also thanks to Percy Jackson, I'm a walking Greek and Roman mythology encyclopedia

  • Way Down We Go by Kaleo is my favorite song

  • Laura from Logan is my favorite X-Men character 

  • I cook. Since Middle School, I've been cooking for my parents

  • My favorite cooking show is Hell's Kitchen, and Gordan Ramsy is my favorite chef

  • My favorite directors are the Russo brothers, the Duffer brothers, and Peter Jackson

  • I do martial arts (Taekwondo)

  • If I can have one super power, it'll either be Laura's claws and healing ability or telekinesis

  • My favorite authors are Rachel E. Carter, Elise Kova, Rick Riordan, and Jane Austen

  • My favorite stones are moonstones, diamonds, and garnet (garnet's my birth stone)

  • My favorite pattern is chevron. I'm absolutely obsessed with it

  • I love Coffee

  • My favorite tea is Barley Tea

  • I'm a big Gordon Ramsay fan (especially for his shows such as Kitchen Nightmares, Hells Kitchen, Hotel Hell, etc.)

  • My favorite movie series of all time is The Lord of The Rings (and the Hobbit). And it's also the movie series I've watched the most number of times (about 20. I'm not kidding. I watch it every few weeks when I feel like it)